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August 14 - 20, 2023

Are you looking for a way for your son or daughter to give singing in a choir a try?  


Our choir camp is a fun, educational experience for kids who love music or singing. The camp is open to all children grades 2 & up (unchanged boys voices only, please). All are welcome - no prior singing, musical experience, or church affiliation needed. 


To reserve a spot until registration goes live, please send us an email at Stay tuned for more information as the schedule develops!  

Who comes to choir camp?

Our choir camp is designed to be fun for any child with an interest in music.  Some come to the camp with no musical experience, while others play an instrument or have sung elsewhere. Some sing in one of our choirs at All Saints.  All that is required is a willingness to try new things (and maybe be a little silly) and a desire to learn about singing!


Who runs the camp?

The camp is sponsored by All Saints Episcopal Church, which has a long tradition of choirs for children, with a Boys Choir founded in 1899 and a Girls Choir founded in 1962. The camp is led by Scott Hayes, Director of Music at All Saints Church. Scott directs the choirs - which include choirs for boys & girls, adults, and college students, involving more than 50 people on a weekly basis.  

Does my child need to attend each day?

No, but we encourage multiple day participation so that they get to be a real part of the group and enjoy the full experience!  


What is the Choir Camp Schedule and what will they do each day? 

Stay tuned!  


How Much Does the Camp Cost? 

The suggested donation varies depending on the day, and financial assistance is available.  Monday - Friday (8/15-8/19) - $30/day.  Saturday & Sunday - TBD.

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