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About All Saints Choirs

All Saints Church has a long and storied history of choral music, especially since the founding of All Saints Choir of Men & Boys in 1899.  Today, this tradition continues by honoring the past to move into the future.  Our music ministry continues to be based around a strong choir program, as singing is the primary musical expression of faith.

All Saints Choir of Men, Boys, and Girls

Founded in 1899, the All Saints Choir of Men and Boys is one of only a few parish-based choirs of its type in the Episcopal Church in the United States. As we rebuild following the pandemic, All Saints Girls Choir has joined the boys for the treble line, to ensure the type of musical experience we want for our children. The choir continues not only a great tradition of choral singing, but also the distinctive sound of the great English and European boy choirs—a sound dating back centuries. 

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All Saints Parish Choir

All Saints Parish Choir is a mixed choir of primarily volunteer singers. Repertoire is drawn from all periods of sacred music. Singers in this choir come from all types of musical backgrounds – some are highly trained, others don’t read music.

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